1. All traders are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Panorama Flea Market.

2. Applicants are only permitted to sell those items of merchandise which are specified on their application form and which have been approved by Management.

3. Should any trader add items onto their stall that is not stipulated in their original application form without prior consent from Management, the Panorama Flea Market reserves the right to confiscate the item/s from the stall holder. Should the stall holder continue to sell the unapproved items, the Panorama Management reserves the right to fine the stall holder R500.00 and again confiscate the item/s. Should the stall holder persist in selling the unapproved item/s, Panorama Flea Market reserves the right to ask the stall holder to vacate the stall with immediate effect and no stall fees which have been paid in advance will be refunded to the stall holder.

4. Permission for a stall holder to trade may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of Management. Their decision is final and not open for negotiation.

5. Stall holders who are consistently absent from the Flea Market will be considered a casual trader and will be asked to vacate their stall/s and replaced with another trader. The previous trader will be allowed to trade daily as a casual trader and will be charged the normal casual rate of R350.00 per each said day of trade.

6. Management reserves the right to request any trader causing a disturbance to cease trading and vacate the premises with immediate and/or permanent effect.

7. Traders must stay strictly within their demarcated stall area.

8. Stalls are to be kept clean at all times, all refuse is to be put into rubbish bags and left outside your stall at the end of every day of trade.

9. Food stalls are to follow the rules and regulation as stipulated by the Department of Health.

10. Panorama Flea Market will not permit any stall holder to sell fake, illegal or fraudulent item/s on the premises of the Panorama Flea Market. This is constituted as fraud and should you not adhere to this regulation you could be charged in terms of the Counterfeit Goods Act. This could lead to serious repercussions for yourself and if this happens, the responsibility will not rest on the Management or staff of the Flea Market.

11. Management, at their own discretion, can allow any trader to sell and approve any items to be sold at the market.

12. Only ONE LINE of items will be allowed per stall, no 2 items that are unrelated may be sold in one stall.

13. Any permanent fixtures that stall holders wish to add must have prior approval by the management of Panorama Flea Market.

14. Permanent fixtures such as building, security doors, floors, shelving etc shall remain the property of Panorama Flea Market. Should the stall holders decide to move stalls, or cease trading, no claim for losses, damages or expenses arising from the fixtures may be made thereto from the Panorama Flea Market.

15. Panorama Flea Market reserves the right to remove any fixture that has not gained the prior approval of the Management or that may pose a problem for other stall holders.

16. The Management reserves the right to close the Flea Market at its discretion if, in its opinion, circumstances demand.

17. Any disregard for or contravention of these rules will jeopardise the trading rights. Acceptance of a receipt on payment of fees will serve as agreement of these rules.

18. Stallholders and members of staff are not allowed to enter any competitions sponsored by or affiliated to the Panorama Flea Market. All competitions are for the benefit of the public only.

19. Management reserves the right to change any of the above rules at its sole discretion.

pdf downloadYou can download the Flea Market Application form from our website, complete it and fax or e-mail it back to us. The application form requires you to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.


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