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    Fremar Christian Centre is an independant organisation, registered section 21, no. 98/012132/08 and Non- Profit 006–311. This organisation works for the rehabilitation and reintroduction into society of abused women and children, drug addicts, alcoholics, the homeless, the elderly and the needy in general. Read More
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Fremar - In need of Repairs & Maintenance

Fremar Facilities are in serious need of repairs and maintenance. 

Bathroom, Shower & Toilet facilities need repairs/face lift

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Read more: Fremar - In need of Repairs & Maintenance

Fremar - Need a Multi-Purpose Centre

Multi-Purpose Centre for Fremar

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Fremar have this piece of open space which they would LOVE to have a multi-purpose centre built on for the purpose of:

Entertainment, Dining, Studying, Lounging, Visiting....

An area where there are table's and chairs for the children to be able to sit and do their homework, play board games and at the same time double up as a dining area.

An area where they could not only watch some telly but also be able to have visitor's sit.

A kitchen area in order to be able to cook up a storm for all the residents.

Plus toilet facilities.






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